Anonymous: "tell us about the date!!!"

omg i just got 3 messages asking about it hehe :)

ok so at first i was a little iffy about it, because the guy seemed a little arrogant but it ended up going really well! we met at chipolte (because he lives further away so we just met to make it ten times easier) and then we went to a huge parking lot where no one was parked. he had catching fire downloaded on his laptop so we flattened the back seats and watched catching fire while cuddling and occasionally ticking each other :) and we were just laughing the whole time at stuff, at each other, etc. it was so great! and we didn’t kiss or anything (which is good for reasons i dont want to go into) and i honestly felt like i had a genuinely good time with a PERSON, not just having a good time by making out or anything. I felt like i actually mattered, not that he was just using me to make out!! it was really great. :)


"i had severed veins and a monster. i did not see myself, but the sea doomed a death for the man who devised the punishment"

so my date went well :))